Are hot flushes dangerous

Updated: 9/15/2023
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Not really, but if they are bothering you or are coupled with other symptoms i would go and see your Doctor.

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Q: Are hot flushes dangerous
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What is the plural of flush?

The plural of flush is flushes. As in "he had the hot flushes".

Are hot flushes a sign of implantation or early pregnancy?

yes it can be as implantation causes lot of hormones to go up-down which results in hot flushes.

What are flushes?

If you get flushes these are when you go from one feeling to another. boiling hot one minuite then freezing another.

Can hot flushes be caused by too much potassium?


What are hot flushes a symptom of?

Hot flushes, or night sweats, could be caused by various things. Some probable causes are: reduced estrogen levels, changes in the hypothalamus region and a heavy fever.

Do taking pregna-care stop hot-flushes?

No it isnt, you can take menovital or menopace

What is Cetirizine Hydrochloride Oral tablet used for?

is it used for hot flushes or nite sweats

What is there to take for men who have hot flushes to relieve these hot flushes?

One thing a man can help his hot flashes, is testosterone replacement(when men get hot flashes it comes when hormones get low). There is some natural suppliments, black cohosh, soy, wild yams. Also B6 vitamin, or a B complex vitamin can help.

How does Aunt Alexandra act after the case in To Kill a Mockingbird?

She has hot flushes and feels very strongly for the judge.

Does liquorice cause menopausal flushes?

Quite the opposite, licorice contains phytoestrogens to alleviate hot flashes.

What is wrong with your body when you get hot flushes?

You are most probably coming down with somethingcoldflumuscle migrainesor you have to much body water

Can soy milk decrease hot flashes in women?

Speaking from personal experience I would answer yes to this question. I suffered with really bad hot flushes and tried a variety of food supplements which had a marginal effect. I then tried soya milk initially 500ml per day. After 3 days the severity and frequency of my hot flushes had reduced dramatically. I then reduced the amount of soya milk to 250ml per day and the benefits continued until the hot flushes went completely. I then reduced to 250ml every other day and remained hot flush free. I then became complacent and kept forgetting for a couple of days and within a week began to feel the beginnings of flushes again. I went back to 500ml for two days and they disappeared again. I am now taking 250ml every day and have remained flush free for weeks.