Are gumballs healthy

Updated: 9/21/2023
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No becaus they have corn starch and high furtose corn sryup and soy in it. Whatever candy, food, or drinks have that it is bad for you. You will die at a early age if you continue. Me and my family changed the way we eat.

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Q: Are gumballs healthy
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Can you freeze gumballs?

Yes, you can store gumballs in the freezer.

What is the mass of exactly 150 gumballs?

the mass of 150 gumballs is 214g

What is one-seventh of 603 gumballs?

1/7 of 603 gumballs= 1/7 x 603= 603/7= 86.14 gumballs

What kind of tree produces gumballs?

sweet gum trees produce gumballs

Franco bought some gumballs. He gave away 23 of the gumballs and had 41 left. Write an equation to represent the number of gumballs he bought?

23 + 41 Hope this helps

How do you do probabilities?

Example of probability is if you have 10 blue gumballs 5 pink gumballs and 3 orange gumballs the answer is 10 because the more gumballs you have is the one you will pick without looking if you still dont understand please comment below,thanks for all questions:)

A gumball machine contains Orange gumballs W blue gumballs and W green gumballs.What is the probability that the next gumball comes out will be orange?

The probability is X/(X + 2W) where X is the number of orange gumballs.

A gumball machine contains 51 blue gumballs 128 green gumballs and 93 red gumballs. What percentage of the gumballs that are blue?

First find the total number of gumballs. 51+128+93=272 Next, determine what fraction of the total represents the blue gumballs. 51/272=.1875 The fraction tells us what part of one gumball is represented by the color blue. However we were asked for a percentage (per=how many, cent=100 or how many for each 100). So we should multiply the fraction by 100. The answer then is .1875 multiplied by 100, or 18.75%. That means that if we only had 100 gumballs, 18.75 of those 100 would be blue.

Do gumballs melt in your pocket?

I believe they do.

What is cheap to buy in turkey?


How many gumballs fit in a gallon jar?

That depends on the size of the gumballs. One U.S. gallon is exactly 231 cubic inches.

If a gumball machine has 4 yellow gumball and 8 red gumballs and 16 green gumballs and 20 blue gumballs what's the chance of getting a blue gumball?

The odds of getting a blue one are 20 in 48 (or 5 in 12 simplified).