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Generally speaking, yes

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Q: Are good looking people more sexually active than ugly people?
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Is it good for an 8 year old to be sexually active?

No, it is very bad.

Does a guy like you if he gets in the shower with you?

I'd say yes. But it all depends.. Are you good friends? Are you sexually active with him? or anyone else? Are you dating his friend or sexually active with one of them? THings like these make influences.

I haven't had my period in a month am i pregnant?

you might be if you are sexually active take a test just to make sure good luck.......

You dont think you will or want to get married so when is a good age to have the choice of becoming sexually active I think 18 is a reasonable age but im not sure.?

Age of consent is most often 18, but becoming sexually active with a partner you love and trust is worth waiting for.

Why do people sexually hurt other people?

Some people like the pleasurable feeling after sex, which is not good. :(

What do you think is a good age for teens to start using birth control?

Whenever they start being sexually active, so around 14 to 15.

Are there any negative consequences to mental health of being a virgin your whole life?

Actually doctors agree that people who remain a virgin their entire life have a lower life expectancy. The sexually activity is good for everyone's health, both mental and physical. They say people well into their 70's should still remain sexually active in order to increase life expectancy.

Do good looking people have aspergers?

They can

Are white people with dreadlocks good looking?

it depends, but yesthe good looking ones are...very

Things to sexually excite your partner that is different?

If you are looking for different things to sexually excite your partner, try talking to your partner. Only they know best what they enjoy or may have an interest in trying with you. Trying new positions is a good start.

Do people think you are good looking?


Who likes good looking emo boys?

I have no doubt that there are millions of people who like good looking emo boys.