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The term 'genuine, clean diamond' implies a generalist's description of what a gemologist would term 'natural, acceptably flawed diamond'.

The term 'regular diamond' is as descriptive as 'regular human'.

Any diamond is worth what someone will pay you for it.

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Q: Are genuine clean diamonds real and are they worth more than regular diamonds?
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Are blue diamonds rarer than white ones?

Blue diamonds are speculated to be rarer than white/clear diamonds because it is more difficult to form naturally. Blue diamonds, as such, are worth more than regular white diamonds

Is a genuine clean diamond worth as much as a genuine diamond?

I think you are asking if a natural clean diamond is worth as much as a natural diamond that is Not considered clean? The answer is no. A clean diamond means that it is clear from imperfections. Now this can mean clear to the naked eye, or clear under a microscope. Of course the diamond that is clear under the microscope is much worth more than a diamond that is only clear to the naked eye.

How much can you get at a pawn shop for a genuine Tiffany ring worth 1525 on the Tiffany website made of white gold and with diamonds?

You'd have to ask the pawn shop that question.

Which is worth more - gold or diamonds?

by weight diamonds

How much worth 1 carat red diamond?

Red Diamonds are approximately USD $2-2.5 million/carat. Just like regular diamonds, the price may vary by clarity of the actual stone.

How much is a carat of diamonds worth?

A carat of diamonds is worth whatever someone will pay you for the carat.

What is worth more diamonds or gold?

By weight, diamonds are worth more because they are much more rare than gold.

Are man-made diamonds real and are they worth the same as mined diamonds?

Diamonds made in the laboratory are indeed diamonds. As gemstones, they are worth less than natural diamonds, given that all characteristics are equal: carat weight, colour, clarity and cut.

What is a Genuine Boyd cap for mason jars worth?

What is a Genuine boyds cap for mason jar worth

What is worth more money then platinum?


Is gold worth more than diamonds?


How much is 2 carat of created diamonds worth?

It's worth whatever someone will pay you for it.You can take it to a pawn shop, or a jeweler and ask. Man-made diamonds are less expensive than natural diamonds.