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Q: Are feet more swollen in the morning or a night?
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In the morning I have as many feet as you I am gone in the after noon and I might have more feet than you at night what am I?


Swollen feet children?

Children with swollen feet should see a physician as soon as possible. Swollen feet in children can be caused by injury, infection, inflammation, or a more serious problem.

Need a valid medical reason to not having to work the night shift?

Is spleen problems (swollen feet) enough to warrant that one not work night's? That person works all other shifts and is on her feet more during the day than at night

What do you eat more in the morning than in the night?

you eat more in the night because your body is tired from your daily activities

Do you remember better if you read in morning or night?

Generally in the morning mainly because you are more alert.

Does wind blow more at day or night?

It all depends on the type of weather, if its cold in the mornig and warm at night, then it will blow more in the morning

Is it better to take shower in the morning or in the night?

No matter if you’re a morning or a night person, morning showers naturally help anyone wake up. There’s nothing better than a fresh shower to give you more energy for your workday. Another benefit to morning showers is that you cleanse yourself of any night bacteria.

What step in the water cycle step is more likely to happen in the day than in the night?

Evaporation is more likely to happen in the day than in the night. There is more temperature in the morning.

Why do you where shoes?

you wear shoes on your feet because it stops your foot from getting swollen and bleeding it also makes it more comfortable to walk.

Why do I at 53 years of age have swollen fingers in the morning so much so that I cannot put on my wedding rings?

If you are worried about swollen fingers then please go visit a doctor. A doctor will be able to help you much more than anyone here.

You are taking amoxycillin trihydrate Ca 500mg APO for toothache and each morning your half the side of your face just seems to be getting more swollen everyday Is this normal?


Is your brain more active in the day or night?

probably win yourrr thinking.duhhNot false but logically, it works best at night since your brain started working from the morning. At night your brain has warmed up and your brain works the best.