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Q: Are dan and natal kabra dating at the end of the series?
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Does dan like Natalie kabra?

Of course he doesn't!

What is the age of Dan Cahill the Holt twins and Natalie Kabra at the medusa's plot?


What is the problem of the book 39 clues into the gauntlet?

Amy and Dan are trying to get the master serum before Isabel Kabra does. :D

Who does Dan Cahill has a crush on?

Dan Cahill does not have a girlfriend, although Ian Kabra once posted a valentine to Dan from a girl supposedly named "Molly" on the Cahill Command Message Board. Molly was asking him to the Adam's Middle School Dance, saying that he would look cute in a tuxedo.

Who killed Amy and Dan Cahill's parents 39 clues?

Grace and Fiske Cahill's car crash was orchestrated by Isabel Kabra, a member of the Lucian branch of the Cahill family. She was under orders from her mother, Cora Wizard, who is a part of the Ekaterina branch.

Is Dan geraghty dating arianna grande?

no he is not.

Who is dan Radcliffe dating?

No one at the moment

Is Rose McIver dating Daniel Ewing?

no. dan ewing is dating marni little

What was dan blocker called on the tv series?

Dan Blocker was called Hoss Cartwright on the TV series.

What is the ending of the book The 39 Clues In Too Deep?

Isabel Kabra sets fire to the house they are staying at, and Irina Spasky dies saving them. Amy and Dan learn that their clue is water.

How did irna spasky die in 39 clues?

She was rescuing Alistair Oh, and Amy and Dan Cahill from a building set on fire by Isabel Kabra. After saving them, she was trapped on the roof and burned to death.

Who is drago's partner?

dan (vestroia series 1) dan, scorpion (trap) (new vestroia series 2)