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Q: Are cockles good or bad for you?
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What is cockles in Gaelic?

ruacain; coití (of boat); 'cockles of the heart' is 'caisín an chroí'.

What do you call a group of cockles?

A group of shellfish like cockles or mussels is called a clutch

Do you need a license to pick cockles?

do I need a license to pick cockles and if so whare do I get one

What are cockles and what are made of?

I belive cockles are like mussles but sheels.I dont know what they are made of,sorry

How long do cockles live?

cockles live at the beach and they are a type of shell that can sometimes have a sea creature living in them

What does cockles eat'?


Do cockles have eyes?

Yes they do, and they are blue.

Why are cockles important to the ecosystem?

Cockles are filter feeders, and they may accumulate toxins, bacteria and viruses present in the surrounding environment. This has important implications for harvesting and it also means that cockles have the potential to act as environmental indicators and to help gauge the health of an ecosystem.

What do s cockles eat?

They eat Parrots

Which shellfish did molly molone sell?

Cockles and mussels.

What is the scientific name for cockles?

The common cockle's scientific name is Cerastoderma edule :) Hope that helped :D

What do cockles look like?

Cockles look like two ruffles potato chips placed together in the shape of a clam. (I know this sounds odd, but it is the most accurate description I can come up with). cockles almost look like a clam but it can be pretty!!!!!!!you can almost tell the difference between them.