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Q: Are celebrity cash bills legal tender?
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Are coins and checks legal tender?

coins are legal tenderpersonal checks, credit cards, and similar non-cash methods of payment are not usually legal tender

Where to trade red ink five dollar bills for cash?

They're still legal tender and can be exchanged at a bank at face value. Or, you could sell them at a coin shop for a small profit.

Can stores not take cash for purchases?

I do not believe that it is legal to not accept 'legal tender', that is, US bills and coins, with the exception of the penny. Anything could have changed under the current government, however, and we very well might not even know about it . . . . . .

Where can you go to cash a 1978 2 dollar bill?

The US never made any $2 bills with that date. If you have a 1976 $2 bill it's legal tender and can be spent anywhere. It has no added value.

Can you cash a check that is torn in half?

No. A Torn check is not legal tender and cannot be cashed.

Is a banknote issued by The Central Bank of China in 1949 still legal tender?

Depends if the currency it was drawn in is still legal tender. If the currency no longer exists then you won't be able to cash it.

Is there such a thing as a 1000000 U S millennium note?

There have been several novelty "million-dollar bills" printed privately; one of the designs claims to be a "millennium note." These are not legal tender; trying to cash or deposit one at a bank could get you charged with counterfeiting. (In fact, one evangelistic organization that has a million-dollar bill design for a tract is facing claims that the tracts are counterfeit bills.) There has never been a legal tender million dollar bill.

What is a synonymsantonymsor homophones that go after currency and money?

Currency: Cash, banknotes, legal tender Money: Currency, cash, funds

Can you cash in a Indian head nickel at the bank?

The coin is still legal tender, but If you mean get more than face value, no. Banks do not "cash in" collectible coins or paper money.

Can you cash old Portuguese notes?

The escudo is no longer legal tender and may not be exchanged at a bank. They can only be sold as collectors' items.

Can you pay your credit card with money order?

You may pay your CC statement with any legal tender except cash and coins.

What celebrity kid is name cash?

Johhany cash