Are alcohols poisonous

Updated: 9/19/2023
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yes they are

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Q: Are alcohols poisonous
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What can you drink besides alcohol to get drunk?

"Drunk" specifically refers to alcohol (and specifically ethanol... other alcohols not only won't get you drunk, most of them are poisonous). So, properly speaking, there is no answer to your question.

Is a diamond soluble in alcohols?

The diamonds are not soluble in alcohols.

The alcohols are organic equivalents of inorganic?

Alcohols can be considered organic equivalents of inorganic water. Alcohols can form hydrogen bonds with water and low weight alcohols are miscible in water.

What is the density of all alcohols together?

There are too many different alcohols for any question dealing with "all" alcohols to be answered. Also, the answer will depend on the relative quantities of the alcohols in the mixture.

Why is alcohol considered acid forming?

Alcohols has a polar -O-H bond. Alcohols release hydrogen ions forming -O-. So alcohols are acidic.

What are monohydric alcohols?

Monohydric alcohols are alcohols that contain only one hydroxyl (-OH) group per molecule. They are commonly used in various industrial applications, as solvents, fuels, and in the production of chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Ethanol and methanol are common examples of monohydric alcohols.

What hydrocarbons are acids and alcohols?

None - hydrocarbons are chemically different than acids and alcohols

Which is a polar functional group found in alcohols?

The functional group in alcohols is the hydroxyl -OH.

Why aromatic alcohols are more acidic than aliphatic alcohols?

aromatic alcohols undergo resonance which stabilizes the conjugate base, in aliphatic alcohols +I effect of alkyl group increase the -ve charge in the conjugate base thus make it unstable

What kind of alcohols can be used to prepare aldehydes?

Primary alcohols can be oxidized to aldehydes using mild oxidizing agents such as PCC (pyridinium chlorochromate) or PDC (pyridinium dichromate). Examples of primary alcohols that can be used include ethanol, propanol, and butanol.

Are alcohols aromatic or aliphatic?

Alcohols may be Aliphatic as Ethyl alcohol or Aromatic as Benzyl alcohol.

Will sodium bicarbonate react with alcohols?

No sodium bicarbonate doesn't react with alcohols.