Are GE washers reliable machines

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Yes, GE is one of the top four washing machine manufacturers in the world. They are very reliable and can be found in various models and capacities to fit any household needs.

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Q: Are GE washers reliable machines
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Where are ge washers manufactured?

GE washers and the matching dryer, are manufactured in the United States. GE added two new assembly lines to the production of front loading washing machines in 2013.

Where can one purchase GE washers?

You can purchase a GE washer machine from stores such as Home Depot, Lowe's and Sears. If you do not like going to those stores, the GE website has a store locator page where you can find stores in your area that sell GE washing machines.

Are GE and Kenmore washers and dryers the same?


Are kenmore washers better than maytag?

I have always had Kenmore washers and dryers and they have been very reliable. Maytag seems to have more recalls on their products in general.

Where could one order replacement parts for GE clothes washers?

One can order replacement parts for GE clothes washers from various sources. They can be ordered directly from the company, GE or from repair centers. Some of them are Repair Clinic, Easy Appliance Parts and Part Store.

What machines do professionals use to clean clothes?

they use dry cleaning machines, washers, dryers, and presses.

Which washers machine offers a great energy savings when it comes to water saving?

There are great energy saving washers made by GE that are priced cheaper than most.

What is the most powerful of the portable washers?

There are several companies that make portable washers. One of the top manufactures is Avanti, and it is one of the most powerful and popular. GE and Haier also make potable washers that are quite powerful.

Which brand of fax machines are the most reliable and long lasting?

Panasonic Fax Machines are the best and most reliable.

Are there any washers and dryers for a handicap person?

Yes, I know GE offers a set of gas and electric.

What kind of fax machines are there that are affordable yet reliable ?

Non commercial fax machines tend to be affordable and very reliable.

Where are lg washing machines made?

Lg Washers and dryers are made in South Korea