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achieve desired body weight.

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Q: Anyone who is medically advised to lower blood cholesterol should?
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Can we stop cholastral tablets once started?

You can stop cholesterol tablets once started however it is not advised. Any medicine under the direction of a physician should be taken as directed. It is advised to contact your doctor for medical advice if you plan to cease taking a medicine.

How many mg of cholesterol should one consume on a low cholesterol diet?

Answer queston of how many cholesterol should one consume on a low cholesterol diet?

Should an ideal diet include no cholesterol?

No it should not contain bad cholesterol.

Can cholesterol-reducing drugs cause allergies?

Anyone who has had unusual reactions to cholesterol-reducing drugs in the past should inform the prescribing physician before taking the drugs again. The physician also should be told about any allergies to foods, dyes, preservatives

Who should know its cholesterol count?

Everyone should know what their cholesterol level is. If you are unsure of your current cholesterol level, you can visit your family physician to get tested.

What is your cholesterol level supose to be at?

There are two types of cholesterol and each has a different measurement scale. HDL cholesterol should be 60 mg and above, and LDL cholesterol should be around 100 mmo.

need to know what cholesterol totals should be ?

need to know what cholesterol levels should be

What is good food for high cholesterol?

You should consult your doctor for ways to lower your cholesterol. Cheerios helps lower cholesterol.

Why should you go on a low cholesterol diet plan?

You should go on a low cholesterol diet plan because it is healthy for you. It will help keep your cholesterol number low and it is good for your heart.

What medication should you take to control your blood cholesterol levels?

meditation should calm your blood cholesterol like monks do in China

What is the level for bad cholesterol?

240 mg and above is considered to be high, or "bad". Your target cholesterol should be about 200 mg or below. Those numbers are for total cholesterol, you should note that there are different kinds of cholesterol, so be sure to do your research if you want to be more specific.

Can I buy a life insurance policy on my live in partner?

As long as the person qualifies medically and your partner consents to having the policy written there should be no problem in obtaining a policy.