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Probably not, but if you should become infected by the bacteria that causes tetanus, it will save you a lot of pain and a lengthy stay in the hospital. Most infection occur through a would such as a cut or puncture. You will not die just because you did not get the shot, you have to be infected by the bacteria to have any adverse affects at all. The tetanus shot has a mild aching pain associated with it at the injection shot for a day or two, but I have never had an issue with it. With where I work and live, I make sure to keep mine up to date.

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Q: Am i going to die if i don't get a tetanus shot?
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The simple answer is that you could get tetanus. Tetanus is a serious disease that attacks your nervous system. It causes locked jaw, neck stiffness, difficulty swallowing, rigidity of the stomach, muscle spasms, seizure-like activity, and death in about 10-20% of patients. It is common in soil and spread through bacteria that enters the body through cuts in the skin, so you don't need to be near someone who is infected to get the disease.

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