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No. You are allowed to change insurers any time you like

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Q: Am I Stuck with my home insurer after making a claim?
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Does your homeowners cover damage due to remodeling your home?

Generally speaking no. If the contractor did damage intentionally you could file a vandalism claim but you would also need to file a police report. If the contractor was negligent, you could file a claim with their commercial liability insurer.

Is it best to buy term life from an insurer in your home state?

home state

Who is a Home loan insurer since 1934?

FHA Federal Housing Administration

The flat above me flooded their flat which damaged mine but they do not have a policy and have offered cash Will I lose money making a claim against someone without home insurance?

Why would you file a claim against someone who is already offered to pay your claim in cash? That makes no sense at all. If they are liable for your damage then they are required to pay you for that damage. The law does not care if they pay you themselves or if you get paid by their insurance company so long as they pay you. Attempting to get paid twice, that is obtaining payment from the homeowner and then again by the insurer is a crime. Its called Double indemnity and is a form of Insurance fraud.

What is the movie’s version of why Boo is stuck in the house?

boo is stuck at home

Can the private mortgage insurer sue the homeowner for the deficiency it pays to the lender after a foreclosure?

Yes, the private mortgage insurer can sue the homeowner for the deficiency. They can get a judgment against the home owner for the difference.

Should I inform my home insurance provider if i'm renting a bedroom?

Yes. If you have a standard homeowner's policy, it would have been issued based upon you/your family as the occupants. If you are renting a room to a third party, the insurer may have to take into account different risk factors based upon that occupancy. The premium may increase based upon that risk factor. If you do not inform the insurer and pay any additional premium, the insurer may be within its rights to deny a subsequent claim based upon you having made a material misrepresentation.

Can homeowners insurance be cancelled because all sinkhole damages not repaired?

Yes, your homeowners insurance policy can be cancelled or non renewed if the insurer determines that your home or property has hazardous conditions. Especially if the homeowner has already collected on a claim and failed to make the necessary repairs.

What can you do if your neighbor's dog damaged your property but he will not give you his insurance company's name?

If the dog did actual damage to your home, then you can contact your own home insurer and see if you can make claim that way. If the dog damaged a fence or a garden, your only recourse is to call the authorities or an attorney if the neighbors will not cooperate.AnswerIf you don't want to place a claim on your own insurance (and besides, you will have to pay for your deductible), try suing him in small claims court and then he can turn it over to his insurance company.

Can you file a home owners insurance claim if your gas stove top blows up?

If it caused a fire that damaged your home or property then yes you can file a claim. This type of damage would be covered under the fire portion of your policy.If you are saying that it just blew up and does not work anymore or it caused damages below your deducible. then that's just a maintenance issue. Appliances do have a life expectancy, It's just time for a new stove.

How can I find out more details about making home warrenty insurance claims?

You can contact the agency that holds your home owners insurance policy to ask them how to file a claim or claims. Each company has its own policies on how to do it.

How do you request a homeowner insurance from a neighbor?

You don't, your insurance covers your home and your neighbors insurance covers their home. If you have a covered property loss, you contact your own insurance company, not your neighbors. Likewise if your neighbor suffers a loss, he contacts his own insurer, not yours. Should the two of you ever have cause to meet in a legal dispute, you both may get to meet the others insurance company through their legal defense teams. Just contact your own insurer, If they determine your neighbor is somehow financially liable for a loss they would know how to subrogate the claim.