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I have yet to read a contract where there is a time limitation on placing a claim. You just need proper paperwork, death claim and death certificate.

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Q: After the death of a spouse how long do you have to file a life insurance claim and is there a statute of limitations in Georgia?
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Can a doctor bill you sixteen months after the death of a spouse?

They can always send a bill. It may be subject to the statute of limitations for debt collection.

What is the statue of limitation for adultery in Mississippi?

Adultry is no longer a crime. There is no statute of limitations. It won't be the police coming after you for adultry, but it might be an angry spouse!

Can a divorce decree in Alabama require making the ex-spouse a beneficiary of life insurance and if so what statute provides for this?

Yes, it can.

What is Statute of limitations divorce settlement Michigan?

If you are married in the United States, but do not know where the spouse is that you wish to divorce, can you file for and be granted a divorce? Please list the steps to do this.

What are statutes limitations of adultry in Tennessee?

The punishment could be divorce and alimony. However you could be murdered by a jealous spouse.

In the state of Georgia if a spouse receives life insurance benefits is the surviving spouse responsible for the deceased spouse debt if surviving spouse's name is not on any of the debt owed?

In Georgia, as in most states, life insurance proceeds to a named beneficiary become the property of the beneficiary and are therefore not accessible to the creditors of the decedent. Of course, this does not apply to joint debt between the spouses or any debt solely in the name of the surviving spouse. In short, if the surviving spouse's name is not on the debt of the decedent, the surviving spouse has no legal obligation to pay such debt.

Does Georgia law mandate that your spouse must be beneficiary on your life insurance unless a release is signed?

No, the only requirement is that the beneficiary have "insurable interest".

What if your spouse won't divorce after being separated for twelve years?

You need to seek legal advice as there is a Statute of Limitations on two people being separated. You also have the right to file for divorce and do not have to wait for the other person to file.

What is the statute of limitations to file contempt charges on and ex spouse for non payment of marital debt ordered paid in a divorce decree in Indiana?

Indiana shows no statute of limitation on filing contempt charge on debt in a divorce decree. You need to contact your lawyer and ask them to petition the court for non-payment.

Can a spouse be written out of a will in Georgia?

It is certainly possible to leave a spouse out of a will. However, the court may allow the spouse to 'take against the will' based on the intestacy laws of Georgia. You need to consult a probate attorney in Georgia for specifics.

Can you sue your spouse for child support they were not entitled to?

It appears the question is: "Can you sue a spouse (or former spouse) for child support that is overpaid, and to which the receiving spouse was not entitled to receive?" The short answer is "Yes". The longer answer is that over payments of child support are subject to being recaptured by the paying spouse or former spouse so long as the demand for payment and suit to recover the payments is brought within the applicable statute of limitations for suit upon a debt. In Texas, for example, there are two statutes of limitations on debts - a two year statute for oral debts or debts for injuries (such as fraud), and a four year statute for written debts or debts from a contract. In this case, is is assumed that the overpaid child support arises from following a separation order (a contract in Texas) or a court support order (either a contract or a written debt), and the four year statute of limitations should apply. The final answer is - make sure that what you are demanding for payment is worth the trouble and hassle of a lawsuit. It is pretty silly to sue someone for a few hundred bucks when the attorney's fees will surely eat that up completely, plus all the bad blood the lawsuit will spill over your already torn up family may make you the total bad guy. However, if the overpayment is substantial - gung ho!

How do you add spouse to health insurance?

how do you add spouse to your blue cross blue shield health insurance