African American grow hair

Updated: 9/14/2023
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The easiest way to grow African-American hair is to treat it with care and RETAIN length. Remember, your hair is always growing, it's just a matter of preventing it from breaking off. Here are some tips:

*Wash your hair regularly with sulfate free shampoos.(at least once a week)
*Moisturize your hair regularly with a quality leave in conditioner. (daily)
*Seal in your moisture with oils (as needed) apply a coat of oil (i.e olive oil or coconut oil) directly after applying leave in conditioner.
*Protect the ends of your hair by cutting back on heat styling and wearing hair in protective styles (like buns and ponytails)
*Trim your hair as needed to get rid of split ends.
*Eat a healthy balanced diet and take vitamins
*Deep condition your hair regularly
*Do protein treatments to strengthen the hair.

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Q: African American grow hair
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How do you take care of African American hair after scabies?

how to grow african american hair after scabies

Why does trimming African American hair cause it to grow?

Trimming anyone hair will will cause it to grow. When you trim African American hair you take of the dead ends and make the hair more healthy which encourages growth.

How do you make short hair grow African America?

It has to be African American to start with.

Can a sew-in grow out african-american hair?

It does not grow out your hair. It just protects it and helps retain length.

How can African American women grow their hair longer?

Basicly in order for a African American women to grow her hair longer , is to take vitamins,trim your hair , wash your every week,do treatments, and so on and so forth

Can sweet almond oil grow African American hair?

No, but it can benefit the hair by adding oil to the natural hair.

How do you grow African American hair long?

Trim you hair every week,from split ends. Take naps more often.

Why black women's hair grow slower than white women?

an African American's hair grows slower because of the strand being so curly. it coils in the hair follicle make the hair harder to come out. a cacausain woman's hair doesnt have the same texture and coil as of an African American's. if an African American would like their hair to grow a lil bit faster. you should get braid, corn rows to pull the hair out of that coil.

What makes and African American 12 year old girl hair grow?

Washing and conditioning it and moisturising it

How can Black African American remove a perm from hair?

You can't remove a perm. You have to wait for your hair to grow all the way out, or you have to shave your head.

What is the best hair care range for african-american hair?

Hair care range? Here is a step-by-step guide on how to grow long, healthy African-American hair: try: these help answer your question!

How do you make African American hair grow longer?

The key to it is moisture! keep your hair moisturized and do this at least twice a day. Try to stay away from chemicals and heat on your hair.