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Q: Affion Crockett is he related to the Damon wayans?
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How are keenon ivory wayans related to Damon wayans?

they are brothers they have two other brothers Marlon wayans and Shawn wayans.

What is the birth name of Damon Wayans?

Damon Wayans's birth name is Damon Kyle Wayans.

Damon Wayans how much is his worth?

Damon wayans of the wayans bros.

Are Damon wayans keenan wayans kim wayans marlon wayans and Shawn wayans all related?

Damon, Keenan, Marlon, Shawn, and Kim Wayans are all related - four brothers and a sister. There are a total of 5 brothers and 5 sisters, but the other 5 siblings are not actors.

What is the name of Damon wayans autobiography?

I believe that there is no autobiography for Damon Wayans

What is Damon Wayans's birthday?

Damon Wayans was born on September 4, 1960.

When was Damon Wayans born?

Damon Wayans was born on September 4, 1960.

What actors and actresses appeared in Untitled Damon Wayans Project - 2009?

The cast of Untitled Damon Wayans Project - 2009 includes: Damon Wayans

How old is Damon Wayans Jr.?

US actor Damon Wayans Jr. is 35 years old (born November 18, 1982). He is the son of Wayans brother Damon Wayans (Sr.).

Is Damon wayans related to Shawn and marlon wayans?

yes. He is the older brother of both Shawn and Marlon.

Is Damon wayans jron second generation wayans?


Who is the eldest of the Wayans family?

Howell Wayans and Elvira Wayans have 10 children and many grandchildren: Dwayne Kim Wayans Keenen Ivory Wayans -- He has five children Damon Wayans -- He has two sons and two daughters Kim Wayans Shawn Wayans -- He has three children Marlon Wayans -- He has two children Nadia Wayans Elvira Wayans -- She has two children Diedre Wayans -- She has 6 children Vonnie Wayans *For a more complete list, see the related link below