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Defeat all the monsters in ALL the elements (2 monsters in each). Also, u have to roll and get over 25, if not, u have to battle the 2 monsters again. then u will go to a chamber, and then meet a guy and u have to fight him, hes around lvl 60 for me. When u defeat him (which u probably will because hes easy [for me]) u will have to kill the dude that's been killing his kind but to get to his lair, u must fight 2 monsters (for me that is). his lair is right under the spot and then u go in, and it fully heals u. Then u fight him. Hes not that hard, only he can blind u for a couple of turns (-10% accuracy) and prevent u from attacking him ( Fear- 25% chance). after u kill him, there is a couple of dialogue boxes and the shop opens. the items are pretty expensive but they are worth it!( i recommend u get all the items because u get a bonus 10% accuracy boost i think). i do around 70 with the set and it provides great magic bonuses.

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Q: Adventure quest how to get kindred set?
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How do you get the kindred set in adventure quest?

Go to the map, and scroll over to Paxia. Select "The Kindred".

What is a uber set in adventure quest?

a uber set is a strong set that's super strong, costs alot, and in high level. the uber sets are nemisis set, regin set, shadow set, asgardian set , and neweset sets, the kindred set, and the fuji set.

How do you get Easter armor in adventure quest worlds?

There is a cape that gives the quest for the set...

Where is random adventure in adventure quest?

The "Battle Monsters" button in Battleon is the Random Adventure. the terror set quest is also random because the guy is weird. or on the map find terror set and go there.

Where do you the the golden set on adventure quest?

You can buy it from some merchant

Where is the asgardian set quest on adventure quest?

Go South on the map and go to Thunder Mountain

How do you get the Asgardian set in Adventure Quest?

You're a loser. Get a life nerd!

What is the correct path to the shadow set in Adventure Quest?

what is the correct path to the overlord set in AQ

Adventure quest were is the reign set?

go to the battleon and then travel map after travel south then thers a red big alnaphar then click it then after quest reign set or shadow set

Which is better Adventure Quest or Mech Quest?

adventure quest is better because in mech quest all you do shoot robots. but in adventure quest you get to do dventures and travel place

What are games that start with A?

adventure quest, adventure quest worlds,

Who summoned the monster in sleuth hound in and what weapon did they use and where in adventure quest worlds?

It is a different set of who, where and with what every time you accept the quest.