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it eliminate other factors such as economic as well as production advancement

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Q: Advantages and disadvantages of social stratification?
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What are merits and demerits of social stratification?

disadvantages of social stratification are as follows. ..less human resourse ...lack of effeciancy control over the worker due to cast factor. ...rigidity

What are the advantages and disadvantages of age under social inequality?

advantages and disadvantages of being 18?

What is more between advantages or disadvantages of social networking?


Advantages and disadvantges of social change?

What are the disadvantages of social change

What are the causes of social stratification in the Caribbean?

social stratification is the ranking of social groups

What are the advantages and disadvantages of social ads?


What are the determinant of social stratification?

The key determinants of social stratification are economic, social and political policies.

What are the Approaches in the study of Social Stratification?

approaches in the study of social stratification?

What are the theoretical perspectives of social stratification?

social stratification is dividing people by class.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of sustainable development?

Helps the environment Social Economical and Environmental advantages

What are the five basic characteristics of social stratification?

The five basic characteristics of social stratification are: a) Ancient Stratification / The Antiquity of Social stratification b) The Ubiquity of Stratification c) The Social Patterning of Stratification d) The Diversity of Form and Amount of Stratification e) The Consequences of Stratification

Define social justice?

The distribution of advantages and disadvantages within a society