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Q: Active steps that will help you achieve a healthy identity do not include?
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What is your 7th health skill that will help you achieve maintain and protect your health?

Yoga and living a healthy and active lifestyle.

What health programs are available in BC Canada?

The beautiful province of British Columbia has a few health programs available to the public. These include active living, healthy relationships, healthy eating and healthy practices.

How can emboli be prevented?

Prevention may include diet changes to reduce cholesterol levels, medications to thin the blood, and practicing an active, healthy lifestyle.

Why is getting active healthy?


Why is gymnastics good for you?

your healthy active

What the definition of fitness?

To be active and healthy.

Muscles will ordinarily stay healthy if they are what regularly?

Muscles will ordinarily stay healthy if they are regularly active. They must be used daily for them to stay active.

Is bulimia healthy if you are active?

bulimia is never healthy go to a dr asap

Can you help me with Fitness tips for my family?

Discipline and dedication are the two major keys in keeping a healthy, physically active life for your family. You need to balance your lifestyle or alter it completely to achieve your goal.

Why should you get active and have a healthy weight?

Because it can get you sick

Why us recess healthy?

It is a time when kids can run around and be more active. The more active you are the healthier you will be.

How does tennis keep us healthy?

Tennis is a helpful exercise. It keeps you active which helps you stay healthy.