A person who makes computer games?

Updated: 10/31/2022
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a person who makes computer games

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game maker

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Q: A person who makes computer games?
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A person who makes a computer game?

a person who makes computer games

What is a compter programer?

a person who designs, makes websites, makes new games, and tests programs on computer

What do you call someone that makes computer games that starts with a p?

A Programmer makes computer games. The Programmer writes, tests and debugs the detailed instructions in the computer program.

What is progaming?

A computer programming is a person that makes programs for a computer.

Who makes video games?

Computer Proggramers

What is the salary of a person who makes video games?

That depends on how well that person's games sell.

How many computer games are there in the US?

There are a lot of first person shooter games in the US.

What do you call a person who makes computer viruses?


What is nitrome?

Nitrome is a gaming company that makes original games. Nitrome has the best games on the computer.

Are computer games to blame for the ever decreasing standard of literacy among children?

No. When playing with computer games, you have to read the instructions too. It just makes children's eye sight worse depending on how long the child uses the computer and it also makes them lazy.

what kind of computer games does disney make?

Disney makes computer games for kids based off their shows and characters, such as Disney Princess and G-Force.

What game controler is best for computer car race games?

Logitech makes the MOMO race wheel which works very well for computer racing games.