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Q: A finger sweep should be preformed on whom every time?
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When should a blind finger sweep be used in CPR?

Blind finger sweeps are to be avoided in CPR because if you don't see the object and you perform the sweep, you could push the object deeper into the throat.

What is finger sweep in CPR?

The finger sweep would be to see if there are any objects in the person's airway. You would perform a tongue-jaw lift and then use your index finger to try to get the foreign object out.

Is it true that you should not perform the blind finger sweep as the object may be pushed further into the throat and airway?


How often should you sweep a chimney?

a chimney sweep should be preformed after the burning of 1 to 1 1/2 face cord of well dried hard wood more often if you use a wood which is not properly dried or a soft wood I have an Older wood stove, I burn soft wood, I use Rutland creosote remover, and I sweep mine at least once a month

Is a finger sweep done on a child?

Yes , you can perform a finger sweep on a child but, people don't regularly do that because it can push the object down farther causing them to choke more .

What should you do after performing chest compressions on an unresponsive adult with airway obstruction?

After the compressions, look in the mouth and if you see the object, sweep it out. If not, attempt to ventilate again; if breaths don't go in, repeat: compressions, look, sweep if object seen, and attempt to ventilate.

In an emergency every second is of great importance. Therefore you should be acquainted with what general acronym?

You should be acquainted with the acronym PASS (pull, aim, squeeze, sweep).

How do you open the airway during CPR?

No.Once an advanced airway is emplaced and confirmed, chest compressions should be performed continuously at a rate of at least 100 per minute. Simultaneously, you should deliver ventilations every 3-5 seconds using the bag-valve-mask

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Our house has 3 chimneys. How often should we hire a chimney sweep to clean them?

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A sweep test is a method that determines the frequency response of a cable by its generation of RF voltage. This frequency should be varied at a rapid constant rate.