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Thomas Alva Edison has a patent on that!

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Q: A declarative sentence about a famous inventor?
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What type of sentence is The president gave a speech in Washington this morning?

The above is a simple declarative sentence.

Give 5 examples of declarative sentence?

A declarative sentence tells about something. A declarative sentence does not ask a question or give a command. A declarative sentence sometimes ends with an exclamation point. A declarative sentence can be a simple or a compound sentence. All of these sentences are declarative sentences.

How is a declarative sentence punctuated?

A declarative sentence is ended with a period.

How careless of you to forget the soap is that a declarative sentence?


What is an declarative sentence?

a declarative sentence tells something and ends with a period

Can you give me an example of declarative sentence?

i want a example for declarative sentence

Whatis a declarative sentence?

A declarative sentence is a sentence that declares something. EXAMPLE: I believe in the afterlife.

What punctuation mark is placed after a declarative sentence?


How do you convert Imperative to Declarative Sentence?

you can convert imperative into declarative sentence by using the verb of the sentence be the first verb in the sentence.

What is the difference between a declarative and imperative?

The difference between a declarative sentence and an imperative sentence is that a declarative sentence is a statement and an imperative sentence is a command.Here is an example of a declarative sentence:A spider has eight legs.Here is an example of an imperative sentence:Please go get me some water

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A declarative sentence is a statement to communicate information or an idea; an imperative sentence is a command. Examples: Declarative: The fryer is on fire. Imperative: Get back, the fryer is on fire!

Is a period used at the end of a declarative sentence?

YES! It is true a declarative sentence ends with a period!