A Browser FPS Game

Updated: 9/19/2023
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Right, So...

Fps games or (First Person Shooter) games are unique gun games where it basically asks for a fight for survival type genre.

But most of them are either console games, Battlefield, Call of Duty. Etc.

or PC down-loadable games, COD, Some MMORPG games, so what is the solution to browser-based FPS games?

Okay, so

Alien ArenaIs a good one as it combines the BROWSER-BASED

Quake lll


Unreal Tournament's

(Both what you are looking for...!)

Into a alien type scheme similar to that of a down-loadable FPS game.

And of course the old Duck-hunt includes a fair amount of bust-em-up FPS gaming technology

Thanks for listening!

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Q: A Browser FPS Game
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