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Is the clutch pedal lower than the brake pedal? If so you may have the wron master cylinder. 95 uses a 205mm clutch master pushrod that i have only seen at advanced auto parts. It appears that most other stores will sell you a 201mm clutch master pushrod for use in a 92-95 I believe.

Othe possible issues are air in the hydraulic system, backwards throw out bearing, throwout bearing installed incorrectly on clutch fork, worn clutch fork pivot, or bent clutch fork.

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Q: 95 GMC K2500 5 speed. Would not shift Changed clutch kit and both hydraulic clitch cylinders Will not start in gear?
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What should be done to correct a clutch that will not disengage on a 1994 HD sportster?

A clutch not disengaging is usually a hydraulic issue. Check your clutch fluid. Then check your clutch master and slave cylinders for leaks.

What would cause the clutch pedal on a 1990 BMW 525i to stay in the down position?

Bad hydraulic cylinders.

Does a ford 2005 focus have a hydraulic clutch?

Yes, it does have a hydraulic clutch Yes, it does have a hydraulic clutch

How do you fit clutch cable vw 2001 golf gt tdi?

You don't it doesnt have a cable it's all hydraulic cylinders

Clutch pedal staying in?

Broken clutch fork or hydraulic line if a hydraulic clutch.

Does a 88 prelude Si 4ws have a clutch cable or hydraulic clutch?

It has a hydraulic clutch

Does a 2003 Astra have clutch cable or hydraulic clutch?


Does a 2007 corsa have a cable clutch or hydraulic clutch?

A 2007 corsa would be a hydraulic clutch

What does it mean if a 1991 Audi 100 pedal stopped returning to the up position and the clutch does not disengage?

a similaar thing happened on my cavalier when the cable snapped, check to see if there is a clutch cable, if the system is hydraulic has something similar happened? loss of hydraulic fluid or the like. Audis have a hydraulic clutch system, with a master cylinder (in car on firewall) and a slave cylinder (outside on transmission) with a metal tube between them (which looks like a brake line). One of the cylinders may be blown or the trouble could be the clutch itself, but most likely one of the cylinders needs to be rebuilt.

Is a 1997 Chevy S-10 a hydraulic clutch?

It is a hydraulic operated clutch.

How do you adjust a hydraulic clutch on a 1990 Honda Prelude?

You can bleed it though if the pedal is just low. Check the master and slave cylinders for leaks too.

What do cars do when the hydraulic cylinder is messed up?

There is really good information on the hydraulic cylinder at I do not believe a Honda Civic comes equipped with a Hydraulic Cylinder. It does, however come with brake and clutch master cylinders. If you are having trouble with your master cylinders, you need to get your brake lines and brakes checked as soon as possible.