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The Liver.

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Q: 2nd largest organ of human body?
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What is the second heaviest organ?

the brain is the 2nd largest organ in the human body.

What is the 2nd largest organ in the human body?

Liver, if the skin is counted as the largest.

What is the larges organ in the body?

the skin is the largest organ in the human body.

What is the second largest organ in the human body?

I would say that they are all important and all hold the same necessity. for example of the kindeys begin to fail then a toxic build up would occur, this would effect the cardiovascular system (CVS) which would transport the waste all over the body. likewise if something happened to the liver food wouldn't break down properly, jaundice would occur, the digested food wouldn't break down properly and proteins would be deficient along with minerals and nutrients. each organ is linked to the others via the CVS which produce hormones to create a balance and homeostasis. the only organ which i would assume is not neccasary is maybe the 2nd kidney as long as the first one is ok lol

What is the body of water that border Germany?

the Atlantic Ocean, the 2nd largest ocean on Earth

What is the second largest bone in your foot?

The talus bone or ankle bone is the second largest bone in the foot after the calcaneous or heel bone. The talus bone connects to the tibia and fibula bones in the lower leg. The talus bone is one of the bones in the human body that is most covered by articular cartilage on its surface area.

When 2nd polar body is extruded in human fertilization?

after oogenisis the polar bodies disintegrate

Is saturn the largest 2nd largest 3rd largest or smallest planet in are solar system?

Satun is the 2nd largest planet

What lake is the 2nd largest freshwater lake in the world?

The Atlantic Ocean is the second largest ocean in the world at 76,762,000 sq km. Its deepest point is the Puerto Rico Trench (Milwaukee Deep) at 8,648 metres.

Is Jupiter largest 2nd largest or 3rd largest or the smallest?


What is the second largest dolphin?

Orca aka killer whale is the largest. Not the 2nd largest. So what is the 2nd largest dolphin ?

What are the 3 strongest bones of the humans?

The two largest bones in the body are the femur, which is the largest, and the tibia, the second largest. The femur is located in the thigh, and the tibia is located right beneath it. The tibia is also the place where many people get shin splints and stress fractures.