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trrick question, one would NOT have a green light! One would have a RED light, and everyone knows you cannot turn LEFT on a red light!

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Q: 2 way light making a left turn opposing traffic has green light also who has the right away?
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Who has the right a way the person with a green light and a green arrow pointing left or the oncoming traffic does?

Normally, the green arrow would indicate that the opposing traffic has a red light and as such the green arrow traffic has right of way.However, due to mechanical or planning errors it is possible that the opposing traffic will also have a green light. If this happens, the opposing traffic (by virtue of going straight) has right of way. If this opposing traffic does not appear to be stopping, green arrow traffic should assume that opposing traffic has a green arrow and right of way. In the event of a collision when both have green, green arrow traffic (turning left) will be found at fault except in no-fault states where this will be considered a no-fault accident.

What is delayed green light?

A delayed green light means the opposing traffic gets a early green light. Your light will still be red. You have to wait.

Can a driver turn left immediately when light turns green?

Only if there is no opposing traffic to wait for, you can not turn in front of traffic.

Where is the green light on a traffic light?

The green light on the traffic light is on the bottom. The yellow is in middle, the red is on top. However, in some municipalities, the traffic lights are not vertical, they are horizontal. In these instances, the green light is usually, but not always, the furthest to the right.

What does a fresh traffic light means?

A traffic light you seen change to green

What is a fresh green light?

a fresh green light is when the traffic light has just turned from red to green

On a standard traffic light is the green on the top or the bottom?

It is usually on the bottom of the traffic light.

What do green light say in traffic light?


What follows a green traffic light?

Yellow light

On a traffic light what position is the green light?

The lowest light on a traffic signal is green. Some cities use traffic lights that are not arranges top to bottom but rather side to side. In this event the green light is usually the furthest to the right.

On a traffic light which position is the green light?

On a vertical display traffic signal the green light is on the bottom. On a horizontal display traffic signal it is to the right, but may depend on that state (or municipality's) practice.

What is A green traffic light that a driver observes change from red to green is referred to as?

Fresh green light