10 letter words with only 2 vowels?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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Um I don't really know but you could use a dictionary... that's what I did!

Good luck!

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Q: 10 letter words with only 2 vowels?
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What 10 letter word means letters that are not vowels?

The ten-letter word for letters that are not vowels is consonants.

A word with 4 vowels 6 consonants?

Abstinence, confidence, depression, expression, generosity and homecoming are 10 letter words with 4 vowels and 6 consonants. Additional words include perfection, retirement, trampoline, university and watermelon.

What 10 letter word has 3 vowels and 7 consanents?


How many vowels in normal Hebrew word?

There is no such thing as a "normal" Hebrew word. But most Hebrew words have between 1 and 10 vowels.

What is a 10 letter word with 4 vowels and 6 consonants?


What are words with 10 letters that is made by using letters proscenium?

'PROSCENIUM' itself is the only 10-letter word using those letters. There are several 8-letter words, but no other 10-letter ones.

What are 10 letter words with third letter a?

10 letter words with 3rd letter a:blackberryblackboardcharacterschastisingchatterboxclassroomscraftinessdraftinessdramatizedgraduatinggrasslandsheartachesheartthrobmeaningfultraumatize

What 9 letter word has 5 vowels one of which starts the word and another ends it?

Alligator has nine letters, but the word only has four vowels.

What is the shortest word with all 5 vowels in correct order?

Abstemious is a 10 letter word that contains 5 vowels in correct order. It means not moderate when eating and drinking.

Which word that contains only 7 letter but contain 10 words that can be consecutive letters?


What 10 letter word can you make using the letters in thanksgiving?

There are no possible 10-letter words, there are these 9-letter words though:antikingsknightingthinkingsvanishing

What is a 10 letter word with 3 vowels?

Here are some words: • aeon • aura • auto • ease • euro • iota • ooze And if think y's are vowels: • obey • your • oily • easy