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It simply means everyone has a view on everything and those things may be different or alike to yours. Everyone has an opinion.

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Q: 'everybody has his or her opinion'?
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Which is correct 'everybody has his or her opinion' or 'everybody has their opinion'?

"Everybody has their opinion" is now commonly used as a gender-neutral alternative to "everybody has his or her opinion."

When was Everybody's Entitled to Their Own Opinion created?

Everybody's Entitled to Their Own Opinion was created in 1986.

Is everybody going to think you are a loser?

No, everybody has a different opinion no matter who they are.

Is Redwall cool?

to me, no but everybody has their own opinion

Does everybody hate Triple H?

not everybody hates triple h.if you hate triple h then that is your own opinion,in my opinion triple h is pretty awesome!!!

Does everybody like Miley Cyrus?

Their opinion. <3

Is Hanna Montana awesome?

Everybody has there own opinion.

Are big eyes with curly eyelashes cute?

Well, not everybody finds them cute, but some do everybody has a different opinion.

Do plankton taste good?

its your on opinion everybody has different taste

What is the easiest issue to do an issue project on?

Abortion...everybody has an opinion but nobody has an answer

Do you think wrestling like WWE is overrated?

It's everybody's opinion.

Are you satisfied with your name?

That is a matter of personal opinion. Everybody is going to have a different answer.