What was the name of the first doctor in Doctor Who?

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The 1st Doctor who aired on November 23rd 1963 was William Hartnell. He regenerated in 1966 into Patrick Troughton, followed by Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker (the longest-running and crowd favourite from the original run), Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, then the movie in 1996 starred Paul McGann.
The revival in 2005 starred Christopher Eccleston, who regenerated into David Tennant that same year. He regenerated in 2010, on New Year's Day, into Matt Smith who currently is the Eleventh Doctor.
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Who was the first doctor?

Imhotep. An Egyptian who lived in B.C. --------------- The question is vague and impossible to answer. What do you mean by the "first doctor"? The first person with a doctoral degree? The first person with a doctoral degree in the healing arts? The first person with a mastery of the healing arts?

Who played the first doctor in Doctor Who?

William Hartnell . The first episode he did was called "AnUnearthly Child" (aka 100,000 BC) and the last episode he did was"The Tenth Planet", this episode was also the first ever time wegot to see The Cybermen. The first actor to play Doctor Who in the long-running Britishtelevision series was William Hartnell.

Who was the first Doctor Who?

The first Dr Who was played by the English actor William Hartnell (1908 - 1975). He played the Dr from 1963 to 1966.. See:. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Hartnell. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dr_who

What are the names of all the doctors in Doctor Who?

The 1st Doctor William Hartnell The 2nd Doctor Patrick Troughton The 3rd Doctor Jon Pertwee The 4th Doctor Tom Baker The 5th Doctor Peter Davison The 6th Doctor Colin Baker The 7th Doctor Sylvester McCoy The 8th Doctor Paul McGann The (8.5 War Doctor) [actually the real 9th] John Hurt The 9th [actually the 10th] Doctor Christopher Eccleston The 10th [actually the 11th and 12th] Doctor David Tennant The 11th [actually the 13th] Doctor Matt Smith The 12th [actually the 1st of the new 12 count regenerations]Doctor Peter Capaldi

What is Doctor Zhivago's first name?

Doctor Zhivago's full name was Yuri Andreyevich Zhivago and he wasplayed by Omar Sharif. The film is loosely based on a novel of thesame name by Boris Pasternak.

Who were the first Doctors?

William Hartnell was the very first doctor who regenerated on theepisode when the cybermen were first introduced. Patrick Troughtonwas the second doctor from the episodes of Power of the Daleks tothe War Games. Jon Pertwee was the third doctor from Spearhead FromSpace to Planet of the Spiders. Tom Baker was the fourth doctorfrom Robot to Logopolis. Peter Davison was the fifth doctor fromCastrovalva to The Caves of Adrozani. Colin Baker was the sixthdoctor. Sylvester Mccoy is the seventh doctor from Time And TheRani till the tv movie. Paul Mcgain as the eighth doctor appearedonly in the tv movie, but was present in many audio adventures.Then of course there is Christopher Eccleston , David Tennant andMatt Smith.

What are the 11 names of the Doctors in Doctor Who?

1) William Hartnell 2) Patrick Troughton 3) Jon Pertwee 4) Tom Baker 5) Peter Davison 6) Colin Baker 7) Sylvester McCoy 8) Paul McGann 9) Christopher Eccleston 10) David Tennant 11) Matt Smith 12)Peter Capaldi In the first movie it was Peter Cushion - 1965 and then Paul Mcgann1996

What are all the names the doctor has in Doctor Who?

Just the Doctor He sometimes goes by the name 'John Smith'. ------- The Doctor is not a name, it is a title he gave himself. He has also used, answered to, or been called; Professor, John Smith, JSMITH, Jsmith8, Johann Schmidt, Dr. Schmidt, Jean Forgeron, Dr. John Smith, Theta Sigma, ΘΣ, Thete, Maximus Pettulian, Zeus, Doctor Caligari, Doc Holliday, Doktor von Wer, Doctor W, Gaius Iunius Faber, ?, Doctor Walters, The Supremo, Supremo, Supreme Controller, Doktor of TARDIS, The Sandman, Claudius Dark, Muldwych, Mr. Ashcroft, Richard A Fells, The Scottish Doctor, Doctor Bowman, Gracie Witherspoon, Dr. Friedlander, The Bringer of Darkness, President of the High Council of the Time Lords, Keeper of the Legacy of Rassilon, Defender of the Laws of Time and Protector of Gallifrey, Perdix, James Alistair Bowman, Johnsmith8, Sir Doctor Peter Pollard, Mr. Spock, Hal Gryden, The Oncoming Storm, Doctor James McCrimmon, Sir Doctor of TARDIS, Doctor Vile, Doctor McCoy, Spartacus, Chief Inspector Smith, Doctor Noble, Tom Cruise, Michael Caine, Pee-Wee Herman, Tom Hanks, Gandalf, Space Gandalf, Captain Troy Handsome of International Rescue, Commander Bond of Naval Intelligence, The Anti-Squid, The King of Okay, Caretaker, Get Off This Planet, The Rotmeister, Sherlock Holmes, Doctor Foreman, Doctor Who, Doctor Who?, The Traveller from Beyond Time, Ka Faraq Gatri, Destroyer of Worlds, Doctor Galloway, Quiquaequod, Prisoner 177781, The Evil One, The Watcher, Old One, The Dark One, He Whose Name Dare Not Be Mentioned, Commander John Ballard, Karshtakavaar, Time's Champion, Snail, Wormhole, Merlin, The Umbrella Man, John Doe, Evergreen Man, Skipper, Spaceman, Sweetie, Pretty Boy, The Raggedy Doctor, Raggedy Man, Caesar, My Thief, My Beautiful Idiot, Time Boy, Predator of the Daleks, Chin-Boy, Clever Boy, The Mad Monk, and possibly δ³Σx². Current Doctor Who Head Writer Steven Moffett claims to know the Doctor's unpronounceable true name. Speculation says he will reveal it during the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who.

What is the name of the doctors dauter in Doctor Who?

In the episode of the new series of Doctor Who, "The Doctor's daughter", the Doctor's Daughter was called Jenny. She was played by British Actress Georgia Moffett, the real life daughter of Peter Davison, who played the fifth Doctor. She is now married to David Tennant, who played the tenth Doctor. They have just had a child!

What was the doctors name?

The Doctor's name. His real name, the one on his Gallifreyan birth (or loom, if you're one of the people who follow that tangent) certificate. The greatest secret in the world. Well, not really. You see, in Marvel Comics Presents #57, a US reprint of Doctor Who strips in 1980, the backmatter page by Mary Jo Duffy claims that his real name is ∂³∑x² -- this in turn taken from the "Making of Doctor Who", by Malcolm Hulke and Terrance Dicks from the mid seventies, taken in turn from a 'document' from his trial shown in the pages What is ∂³∑x² ? Doctor Who spin-off media, which are of uncertain canonicity, have suggested that the character uses the name "the Doctor" because his actual name is impossible for humans to pronounce. For instance in the novel Vanderdeken's Children, it's told that the Doctor already told Sam his real name which is entirely alien and virtually unpronounceable. This is also repeated by companion Peri Brown in the radio serial Slipback. (This would appear to be inconsistent with River Song whispering the Doctor's name in "Forest of the Dead".) The Faction Paradox encyclopedia The Book of the War states that all renegades from the Homeworld/Gallifrey abandon their names to symbolise how they leave their culture. Similarly, the novel Lungbarrow reveals that the Doctor's name has been struck from the records of his family and therefore cannot be spoken