What are the advantages and disadvantages of wind power?

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Wind energy is free and with modern technology can be captured very efficiently. Many people find wind farms an interesting feature on the landscape. Wind turbines after being manufactured produce no greenhouse gases. A disadvantage is that wind is not consistent from zero to gale force. Others see the farm of turbines as an eye sore and that the country should be left untouched. Wind turbines can also be noisy.
  • renewable
  • cheaper than nuclear
  • no pollution
  • beautiful (most are elegantly designed)
  • quiet
  • sustainable energy source
  • the advantages of wind turbines are that they produce electricity.

  • can kill birds and flying mammals
  • noise pollution
  • sight pollution (unsightly)
  • take up a lot of space
  • unreliable (only work when there's wind)
  • no jobs provided
  • expensive
  • They can be a navigation issue for some low flying planes.
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