How did Hitler come to think to the way he did?

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One of the things that impacted Hitler in his childhood was the death of his younger bother to measles. The event changed his personality and he began to be sullen and to fight with teachers and family. As a boy he was loyal to Germany and despised people of other races and ethnicities. He lived in Vienna as a young man, at a time when the city was filled with fear of and hatred for other people. Eventually this all led him to his hatred for the Jews and for other people.
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Why did Hitler think the way he did?

Many historians believe that Adolf Hitler's predisposition to theuse of violence and coercion to rule stemmed from his childhood.His lack of social skills was documented and his father, AloisHitler, used to used violence on him.

What was the out come of hitler?

Adolf Hitler (April 1889 to April 1945) was the Austrian-bornleader of the Nazi Party. Hitler and his wife, Eva Braun, committedsuicide together to avoid capture by the Red Army.

Did Hitler get his way?

\nMostly he did. Especially at times that where important to his dreams. But, occasionally, reality set in and he was at times challenged by his generals. Not to mention the bitter end.\n---

What did Hitler think of communism and socialism?

Hitler did not like either. Actually, Communists were one of the first people to become victims of German concentration camps. With socialism, well, that wasn't one of Hitler's traits. He is an example of what happens if someone is never in physical contact with another person. (at least, no contact for a long time.) - Actually, Hitler was well aware of the German Social Democratic party (which was, and still is, the primary German socialist political party; they are usually called SPD, which is short for the German for "Social Democratic Party of Germany")- as a German politician, he had to deal with them, at least until the Nazis were able to come to power and eliminate them. The SPD was another of the first parties to be banned using the powers granted by the Enabling Act of the 1933. Its members were imprisoned or forced into exile.

What do you think of Hitler?

Well, people might have different opinions about Hitler but whether people want to see it or not Hitler was a good leader when it came to getting Germany out of its depression. Hitler was, however, a psychopath. He blamed Jewish people for no reason. From pictures I have seen, concentration camps were terrible places. He wiped out 90% percent of Denmark's Jewish population. He only killed himself because he was losing Berlin and failed to take over the world. So he was a good leader. But the only thing you can call him for doing what he did to the Jewish people is Monster.

How did Hitler think?

He was Jewish him self and he put Jewish people in concentration camps but anyway he thought of getting rid of Jewish people.. ----------------------. No he's not Jewish himself.. He is born in Austria...what my teachers told me, he's not Jewish. If he is, well then I'm surprised

Who thinks Adolph Hitler rocks?

no one should he killed many innocent people and was racist towards Jews. He does not "rock", but is evil. Anyone who has a heart can see he was evil.

Did Hitler think that he was a god?

Yes, because Hitler was an idiot who gave people baths with insect killer, called people "Dirty Jews", yet he had a fetish of being tinkled on... is that how a god acts? No. So, you can stop freaking out, and just go on with your miserable life.

What did Aryan people think of Hitler?

There is no single definition of 'Aryan' but all the major definitions include both Germans and Scandinavians ... including the Danes and Norwegians who were under Nazi domination for 5 years. Certainly not all of these people had the same opinion of Hitler as the people who brought him to power. Since the word Aryan comes from the Sanskrit word Arya, used to describe the lighter-skinned Indians, the scholarly usage up until WW2 included many Indians, Iranians, and nearly all Europeans as Aryans. The French and Poles and Ukranians did not think well of Hitler. Since WW2, scholars avoid the word and 'Aryan' is today mainly (incorrectly) used to mean light-skinned Caucasian people. By that definition, French, English, Canadians and Americans, Belgians, Dutch, and Germans and Austrians all were Aryans. There was a tremendous range of opinion. Any attempt to categorize the feelings or thoughts of an entire race will produce poor results.

Why do you think Hitler was a great guy?

Hitler was a horrible guy who decided to kill innocent people. First of all he only wanted blondes with green eyes or else you were inferior. But did he ever look in the mirror he did not have blonde hair or green eyes shoot yourself.