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Your ac fan switch only works on 4th speed whats wrong?

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The thermal fuse in the blower motor resistor pack has blown. This is a very common occurrence on this car. A replacement resistor pack costs about $18.

It is fairly easy to replace if you have mechanical experience. Search the web for "blower motor resistor replacement sebring 1999" and you'll find lot's of explanations of how to swap it out. One caution> DO remove the pack by taking out the two 8mm screws, THEN disconnect the connector. Trying to disconnect the connector while the pack is still in position will drive you nuts.

Spray the inside of the connector with silicone spray (from your parts store where you get the resistor pack, about $3 for a can) before putting the connector back together (don't get it on the resistor coils). This will make the connector slide together much easier.
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You have a rover 400 the fan heater only works on no3 no 4 on the control switch but does not operate on the lower speeds why?

The resistor pack has burnt out remove the glove box cover and you will see a wiring conector going into a black plate with 2 Phillips screws. remove wiring and screws and rem

Where is the ac heater blower located under the dash or under the hood at the firewall it does not work on low speed only the other speeds work fine would this be the motor or switch?

  Answer   For most GM trucks or SUV's, it's under/behind the glove box. But the most GM motors do not have multiple speed capacity. That is usually a function of th

Why would an AC fan work only on high?

Answer   The fan switch is probably bad. My Ford Explorer did that, I had to have the switch replaced.       This could also be caused by a bad blower motor

Ac fan not working at high speed?

ether the blower motor or the blower motor resister is bad. it could also be the contact in the speed switch in the dash. i woul try the blower resister first it sthe mos t in

Why Fan works only on high speed?

  More than likely the blower motor speed resistor is burned out.

Why does the fan switch on 1998 dodge ram b series van only work on high I have changed the switch and the resistorrelay that goes into the airbox. You can jump the wires and get three speeds?

  Very simple to find and change: Raise hood. Look on outside of heater blower assembly on passenger side. It has an electrical plug on it. Screws hold it in wall of heate

1999 Toyota solara ac fan only runs on 1 speed?

Maybe not. While this may or may not be the case with your model, the fan(s) often work at one speed when the air conditioner is running and another speed when it's turned of