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You suffer gout love olives will they help you fight gout?

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No. Olives are not effective treatment for gout. I am not sure on olives. them being and oil and all. but however i do know any kind of cranberry will help as well as cherries. my dad had a lot of problems with the uric acid crystals and was having hard time even standing. he eats a hand ful of dried cherries everyday and drinks cranberry juice. u can also get cranberry exctract pills will work too. but he hardly ever has a problem now 65 and works 50-60 hrs a week.
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What is gout?

Gouty arthritis is a form of arthritis that typically attacks suddenly and is characterized by repeated attacks of an extremely painful form of arthriti. Gout is the result of

How do you get gout?

You get gout by having too much uric acid flowing through your system. If your kidney's don't dispose enough of it, they turn into crystals and start attacking your joints. Th

Diet for gout sufferer?

A low purine diet will help to avoid gout attacks. (however there are also drugs and other treatments available to help ward of the pain and discomfort that can acompany gout.

What kind of fish can you eat if you suffer from gout?

even though certain fish contain healthy oils you should avoid eating fish altogether. you can however take advantage of their benefits by taking fish oil capsules. as these m

Why is protein bad for gout sufferers?

There are many purine rich proteins that should be avoided by gout sufferers as purines turn into uric acid which in turn turn into crystals that cause gout.

How do you get the gout?

Gout is an excess of uric acid. The cause isn't so clear. It can be under excretion of urate, genetic predisposition or diet. Gout develops when your body stops processing p

Is rum ok for gout sufferers?

You should keep any alcohol consumption strictly limited if you have gout as alcohol acts as a diuretic which increases the concentration of existing uric acid in the system b

What not to do when you have gout?

Don't use diuretics. don't eat foods that are high in purines. don't go on crash diets. don't let your body dehydrate don't drink alcohol.

What bread is good for gout sufferers?

The problem with most breads is that they are made with yeast. Yeast has a high purine content and that is what is responsible for making uric acid. so to reduce the purine yo

Do purines help gout?

That depend on what you mean by the question. Purines are what is required to to make uric acid in the body, so the more purines there are in the system the more uric acid is

What does gout do?

Gout occurs when there are high levels of uric acid circulating in the blood, and the acid crystallizes and settles in the body. Gout when it settles in a joint or joints ca

Is sausage bad for gout sufferers?

Sausage is high in protein, and excessive amounts of protein in the diet are a contributing factor to gout, however, you do still want some protein in your diet, so if you are