Would it be possible to see a full moon during daylight hours?

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Yes, it is possible to see a full moon during daylight hours because it is big and brightly lit by the Sun. When you look at the Moon, you are seeing the light which reflects off it. Also because of it's size.
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How can we see the moon during daylight?

Answer The Earth rotates around it's own axis every 24 hours. The side of the Earth which faces the Sun is considered day. The moon roughly revolves around the Earth every 2

Why is a lunar eclipse only possible during a full moon?

For the eclipse to occur the Earth, Sun and Moon have all got to be on the same line. For lunar eclipse, Moon has to be behind Earth, looking from Sun, so Earth's shadow could

What do you see during a full moon?

Considering that the full moon is sometimes bright enough to read by, you can see a lot during a full moon. Some vintners harvest their more sensitive grapes at night by moonl

Why do you see the whole moon during a full moon?

You always see the whole moon. When it is only half full, you still see the dark half also. Some day, light a candle in a dark room with a globe of the earth. Walk around be

Why do you not see a full moon during the day?

You do on occasion. A full moon occurs when the moon is on the opposite side of the Earth than the sun is. At that position the whole of the moon's face is lit up. It is only

Is it possible to see a full moon at noon?

No. The Full moon is over the center of the night side of Earth, and "noon" is pretty close to the center of the daylight side. of the Earth. The only times that you will b

Why do we not see the moon during full moon?

The only reasons why you wouldn't be able to see the full moon would be that either it is daytime (the full moon rises at sunset, and sets at sunrise), or it is during totalit