Witch fast food restaurants healthy food and has a low cost?

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Sorry to break the news to you, but it can either be fast food or healthy, not both. This is because fast food is food plunged into a bath of boiling oil, yes its nasty FATTY oil that isn't healthy! Healthy food is that without the nasty fatty oil oozing out of it and cooked properly and has lots of nutrients. :D
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What do fast food restaurants put in their food?

They use the usual, same products you can get at any grocery store. These include ketchup, mustard, mayo, lettuce, onions, pickles, etc. That is correct if you are asking wha

Is nutrition healthy in fast food restaurants?

This would depend on the restuarant you are visiting. As a rule of thumb probably not. However you can look it up to see if what you are eating is healthy. Try this website:

How many healthy food restaurants are there?

This depends on what your definition of healthy food is. Fast food chains are growing larger and richer everyday, so its sometimes hard to find a healthy restaurant. But there

What is in fast food restaurant food?

It is helpful to understand what the government allows in feed or to be used in conventional production: . Dairy cows - antibiotics, pig & chicken byproducts, hormones (for

Is the food at fast food restaurants real?

No the food at fast food resturants are not real. Its all a giant conspiracy that the corporate powerhouses trick you into believing that fast food provides the same nutrition

How popular are the healthy menu choices in fast food restaurants?

This depends entirely on the restaurant. Places such as Taco Bell and their cantina bowl are actually a great alternative to the other wise pretty unhealthy listings. As oppos