Will you lose your deceased husbands retirement if you remarry?

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There is a great chance that you will you lose your deceased husbands retirement if you remarry. States handle this issue differently.
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Can a women remarry her x husband?

Yes, there are many individuals who remarry after being divorced. Hopefully, if you decide to do this, you will both make it work. Best wishes!! how they can remarry on whic

Do you lose your husbands pension if you remarry?

What happens if you are receiving a widows pension when your husband passes away, and then you remarry please advise, as my state pension was insufficient as I paid a reduced

Does your ex-husband have to be deceased in order to draw from his Social Security even though he is remarried?

No. You are eligible to draw retirement benefits against a living ex-spouse's work record if you are at least 62 years old, were married 10 years or more, are not currently

Can a woman collect any of first ex-husband retirement after being married for 13 years and she remarry?

It probably depends on what state you are in and the circumstances of the divorce. If you left him for any reason beyond abuse and adultery (on his part) then chances are you

If your husband dies and you remarry a retired man with military insurance for you and your son to be on his military plan does he have to live with you?

I think as long as you guys are married and your incomes are consolidated then it doesn't matter if he lives with you or not because you become his beneficiaries as well. Howe

Is wife entitled to deceased husband social security if she remarries?

If she remarries after age 62, the best case of her present husband and the deceased one is used to determine the pension.

Will an ex-wife lose benefits from her ex-husband if she remarries?

Yes, and in a growing number of states, when she just lives with the man. it depends. if this is military. and the court awards you retirement pension you will receive this f