Will there be a sixth seaon of One Tree Hill?

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Yes, it is officially confirmed that One Tree Hill has been renewed for a sixth season. I found this out on tvguide.com, via Michael Ausiello's post-strike chart.
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Angie in one tree hill?

Brooke watched Angie while she was in America having heart surgery, and then after the heart surgery was preformed successfully Angie was sent back to her country.

What is One Tree Hill about?

\nOne Tree Hill is about two brothers, Nathan and Lucas Scott.\nThey share the same father but have different mothers. Nathan grew up living the good life with his father and

Where is the tree on One Tree Hill?

The name of their town is called: 'Tree Hill'... There doesn't have to be a tree... It's the name of their town... and im sure their are many trees.

When did One Tree Hill end?

The last episode of One Tree Hill aired on 4th March 2012.so sad i cryed.we will all miss it so much no matter what.and also ill get it if you need it and ill search if you do

Why is there no tree on one tree hill?

Well, there are actually heaps of trees in the little town of tree hill. The tv show title is that there is only one tree hill in the world.

Who is lily in one tree hill?

Lily is the daughter of the Karen and Keith. Keith is killed in season 3 because his brother dan shoots him, but before that Karen gets pregnant. Lucas feels very good knowing

Who is the cast in One Tree Hill?

The stars of One Tree Hill are Bethany Joy Lenz, Sophia Bush, James Lafferty, Lee Norris, Paul Johansson, Chad Michael Murray, and Hilarie Burton. Some other cast members incl