Will my tax return get garnished for unemployed husband's back child support... Can we file jointly and me fill out an injured spouse form?

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Yes and yes, but he should be filing for a modification. see links
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If you have a court ordered tax refund garnishment from Michigan and you now reside in New York For 4 years can they take the refund Also can the garnish the wages of the spouse if they file jointly?

Yes. they can, but you should file jointly and so they don't garnish the spouses part, file injured spouse, and I do not know why it is called that but I know my husband ow

Can you file as an injured spouse for a tax refund if your husband had an affair and a baby and must now pay child support?

If the IRS is intercepting your joint tax refund to pay past due child support owed by your husband AND you are not legally liable for the payments under the laws of your stat

After a divorce a spouse filed the taxes as married filing jointly and kept more than 50 percent of the return. What are the options for the other spouse?

If you were no longer married at the end of the day on December 31th, you cannot file a joint return. The other spouse should simply file a legitimate return for themselves

How do you file as an injured spouse on taxes?

Go to the Internal Revenue Service web page and use the search box for form 8379 go to page 2. Form 8379 is filed by one spouse (the injured spouse) on a jointly filed tax re

Does your taxes get taken when you file jointly with your unemployed wife if she owns back child support?

Yes. The entire refund amount will be seized by the IRS and allocated to the appropriate state child enforcement agency. If the non obligated spouse qualifies as an "injured

How can an injured spouse get the couple's entire refund back if it was offset for back child support?

The injured spouse may or may not get back the entire tax refund. They will have to file an injured spouse tax form (Form Number 8379). The IRS will figure the amount of the t