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Will Scott Hall return to World Wrestling Entertainment?

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Scott Hall swallowed a toothpick during a WWF segment, since then he's vowed to never work for the company again.p.s. if u watch that you are gay
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World wrestling entertainment relationships?

Answer Some real life WWE releationships are:    Stephanie McMahon and Triple H. (married)   C.M. Punk and AJ LEE (married)   Bobby Lashley and Krystal Marshall

Who is the inventor of World Wrestling Entertainment?

There is no real inventor of World Wrestling Entertainment - but the key figure was Vince McMahon - who created the WWE, not the WWF nor AWA or other past Wrestling Promotions

The World Wrestling Entertainment is Fake?

Fake, no. When they fall, there is no stunt double who runs in and does it for them. Those mats are not soft. Neither is the floor under it. Yes, it's a bit padded, but not en

Is world wrestling entertainment real?

yes and no, high flying moves are 100% real, but powerful moves and slams are only sometimes real, but yes the matches are choreographed and scripted

Is there racism in the world wrestling entertainment?

Yes, the is racism in the WWE. It's not about black or white people, it's about countries. My friends uncle tried to join the WWE (Wich he was Jeff Hary type high flyer). But

Why sting has not wrestle in world wrestling entertainment?

He is currently signed to TNA that is why, they do not hate his face paint because then why was Jeff hardy allowed to wrestle on WWE with face paint. Sting is signed to TNA an

Is World Wrestling Entertainment is truth?

SPOILER ALERT*Small kids or those with avid imaginations should probably look away. WWE isn't by definition; fake. It is real. Getting hit with a chair is real. A power bomb