Wieso haben bäume im sommer obst?

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so können Sie billige Obst und ein paar gute Schatten
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Meaning of haben?

" Haben " is the Hispanic equivalent of the meaning to beautiful and funny

Is Haben a name?

Not only is it the German word to "have", It is also a German family name. There are about 365 people in Germany by that name.

How do you pronounce den Sie angezogen haben versteht was im Spruch?

That not an actual German phrase and doesn't make a lot of sense. [piece of clothing, grammatically male], den sie angezogen haben - [a piece of clothing] that you (have) p

What actors and actresses appeared in Letztes Jahr im Sommer - 2010?

The cast of Letztes Jahr im Sommer - 2010 includes: Mawil as himself Madeleine Bloom as herself Klaus Cornfield as himself Friedemann Grosch as himself Karen Kramatschek as he