Why would your dishwasher drain into the bathtub?

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You need to check for a clogged pipe .
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What would cause a toilet to bubble and drain when a shower or dishwasher is draining or has recently drained?

Answer . Plumbing systems require a vent pipe that runs up through the roof of the house to open air. Venting avoids the siphon effect where one appliance draining causes

What would cause gurgling bubbling in bathtub drain when toilet is flushed?

It could be insufficient venting. The water going the drain fromthe toilet sucks air behind it. There should be a vent going upthrough the roof which lets air into the drain s

Dishwasher will not drain?

Of course not until yo plug it in and connected it to a drain line

How do you thaw a bathtub drain?

Pour hot salt water down it, or alcohol if that fails. You can also just try putting a space heater next to it to thaw it externally if you can get access to the pipe.

Why would a dishwasher not drain properly?

Can be a few reasons. -Food particles jamming the filter screen on top of pump at bottom of D/W floor, discharge pipe kinked, or something small caught in impeller. The first
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What way does the water in your bathtub drain?

Down. The so-called coriolis force, which is actually a reference point issue due to the movement of the Earth, does not apply in small scale applications, such as bathtubs,