Why would you have pain in tooth years after having a root canal?

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Many people don't realize that there may be 3 - 4 canals in a tooth and sometimes the dentist may miss the extra canals. Also some dentists will do the root canal and fill the tooth, but a crown or cap is the answer. If it's filled it could be the filling causing the agitation. Please see your dentist for the proper diagnosis.Personal Experience:
I HAD A root canal, and topped it off with a $1000.00 crown (gold and composite). About two to three years later, I began to have a little pus "pimple" appear on my gum line near that tooth. My dentist is one of the best and has done about $10,000.00 worth of work in my mouth over the last 12 years. He checked me out and said that he had missed a small piece of "root" in one of my "canals". He apologized, of course. He then drilled a small hole in my cap and crown and sucked out that piece he missed two years ago. He then filled the hole in my crown with a special composite material. If in doubt, SEE YOUR DENTIST.
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Why would you have pain in your upper tooth months after having a root canal?

Answer . It is possible that the root canal was not completed successfully. This happened to me. It took me about three years and four different dentists/periodontists to e

What could be the cause of pain in a tooth that had a root canal done through an existing crown over 5 years ago?

Either the root canal was incomplete, (one canal or little channel was left uncleaned, waiting to be infected, most commonly happening on a molar) or the crown is 'leaking' at

I had a root canal done. but now i feel some pain on the tooth that is next to the tooth i had my root canal done.. is this normal?

Yes, this is very normal I can't remember what my dentist called it but she says its when one tooth has something done to it, automatically all the teeth around feel the press

Why would pain be in tooth after root canal?

Hyperocculsion or biting on the tooth that went through therapy, Possible missed canal with live tissue still remaining, severe inflammation of 1 or both of the ligaments belo

Why would a tooth that has had a root canal be hurting?

It is possible that the root canal is failing. If the root canal was completed very recently, it is possible that there is an accessory canal that was missed during the initia

Does tooth pain require a root canal?

Not all tooth pain is treated with a root canal surgery, it depends on what is wrong with the tooth and how bad it is. Here are some causes of toothache and a possible treatm