Why would an 86 Camaro suddenly lose the ability to maintain idle upon start up?

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I believe it has a carb and if it does, it is probably the auto choke. The choke can cause this but the vacume to the map sensor or the map sensor its self could cause it. try looking for any open vacuums spraying carb cleanes on the lines will make it idle up and locate the culprit if its a vacuum.

Actually, you need to know the engine size specifically and specifically if it is carb or not. If it is electronic fuel injection check for an open or short in the IAC or the IAC could be bad. IAC=idle air control valve. Another question, is the check engine light on? This is all need to know stuff in order to answer your question without guessing.
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Why would a '94 Chrysler Concorde suddenly start revving while idling accompanied by quick headlight flickers?

Answer . I had this problem with my Fifth Ave and it was the o2 sensor but I would not suggest just going replacing parts without checking them first. To get a ballpark ide

Why would a 1999 VW Passat suddenly start shaking violently at idle and low speeds after 62K miles?

Answer . If the car shakes at idle, I assume you mean it is parked. If that is the case, the engine could be misfiring due to bad ignition components, or worn/broken intern

Why would a 1996 Mustang GT suddenly start to smell like fart and eggs and idle rough?

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Why would an '86 Nissan 2WD Standard Pickup start but not idle after key is released even with the accelerator to the floor?

I had a similar problem on a couple of different autos. Don't have a wiring diagram in front of me but it could be the same.Check for a resistor from power (+12v) to the posit

Why would the back wheels lock up on a manual transmission 86 camaro?

Answer why would the back wheels lock up Two possible reasons: 1. The (older) manual transmission is stuck between gears. This happened to me once on a hill. With the car w

What would make your camaro idle up in down?

If it idles up and down it could be the ignition system such as a bad coil or a clogged/bad Air Control Valve/Motor or Throttle Position Sensor. Usually if it runs fine at hig

Why would my 1995 camaro run fine for as long as i drive but then after starting the car up again it idles eracidically and backfire?

This problem is usually due to a failing ECU, In the V6 models with OBD 1 and the 3.4L 60 degree motor. The computer simply stops accepting signals from the sensors on the
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How do you turn up the idle on a 4.3 liter 86 jimmy?

EGR is an excellent place to start, as is the IAC motor and passages. When the motor is running the computer should be setting the idle to around 700 or so, although it can on