Why will the ac on a 2002 Chrysler sebring only work on high?

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I had same problem it is the control regulator a little circuit board under the glovebox it is a plugin and i think it was a cheaper part if i remember right just unplug old one and plugin new one
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Why don't your heater work on your 2002 Chrysler sebring?

If it is a 2.7 litre engine and the engine temperature is normal, you probably have a low coolant level and the coolant system needs to be bled. The heater core and top of the

2000 sebring blower only works on high?

you will need to replace the "fan blower resistor" it is about $70 for the part new, $4 bucks for one from a junkyard, it is located under the passanger side of the dash, it h

Avalon Ac works only on high?

Be more specific, if the fan speed only works on high then it is most cases a bad resistor board for the fan, a $10-20 part, available from an advance, murrays, or lee or si

2000 Chrysler sebring the blower fan only works on high speed Is it the resistor or the switch Does any on know where the resistor is located Thanks?

This is indicative of the blower resister failure. The resister is designed to fail "open" on the "maximum" position to permit continued operation.. The resistor should be lo

Fan blower only works on high 1999 Chrysler sebring?

The most likely answer is that the Blower Motor Resistor has failed, it's a very common problem. A dealer will charge you about $160.00 for the repair. However, it's an e