Why were the Filipino's inspired to work for their recognition and respect for their human rights?

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for an extreamly obvious reason.

What was Jackie Kennedy's human rights work?

In the activism sphere, Jackie Kennedy Onassis was mostly known forher cultural preservation work. She greatly contributed to effortsto preserve historic homes in Lafayette Sq

What human rights did Hideki Tojo not respect?

Not everyone agrees on what the basic human rights are. Here is a list of some of the most recognized ones he commanded be broken: Right to live, exist (Via denial of food, w

Are human rights respected in all countries throughout the world?

No. There are almost 2 billion children in the world, most of which are not receiving a good education, or any education at all. This violates the right to an education. We ha

Which roman law inspired current human right laws?

There is no Roman law which inspired current human rights law. Ancient civilisations did not have a concept of human rights. The origins of this concept are traced to Renaissa