Why were mobile phones invented?

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so people could communicate in a totally different form of Morse code
That's like asking why shoes were invented or why the computer was invented.

If you need to have an immediate conversation, make a quick call, have a long conversation but aren't at home, etc., then the cell phone becomes in use.
The cell phone was invented because military needed cell phones to communicate. Also, people could communicate from a long distance. Last, cell phones are easy to carry around.
why was the cellphone invented?
:) to have access to a portable device
because they just did they made cells phomes because there cool
so people could talk from anywhere they wanted to
Originally, it was invented for use in emergencies, and to spread information that was on a "need to know" basis. Then, once the cell phone caught on, it had all sorts of apps added to it, so the cell phone came from just a calling function with caller ID [I think] into the I phone which has over 75,000 apps.
so people could talk to others on the phone out of the house
mobiles were invented to allow for rapid communication. In business the ability to act or react quickly in situations can sometime make the difference between getting the job and not getting it. or getting it done quickly. the mobile was firs used in business but it did not take long for it to be adopted by the public at large.
the purpose is so people can speak to other people in emergencies or just to talk to other people
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How were mobile phones invented?

As early as 1947, engineers imagined a cellular network.Competition between companies pushed engineering technology to itslimits, and eight men within six weeks were able to e

When and why was the mobile phone invented?

The Mobil phone was invent to make it easier for people to talk or text any where they wanted while on the go. Before Mobil phones, phones were alot bigger with huge antinas c

Why is mobile phone the best invention?

a cell phone is great because you can go anywhere you want and when needed to call.But if you dont feel like talking you can text! also on certen phones you can go on the ente