Why vizylac capsules is prescribed?

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Most of the time vizylac is prescribed along with heavy dose of antibiotics to prevent acidity etc....vizylac contains lactic acid bacillus....
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What is a capsule?

A capsule is a delivery device for medication that has an outercoating that can be opened by pulling the capsule apart. A time capsule contains special items that tell us abou

How many capsules should you order for two days if the physician prescribes a medication 0.05 grams 3 times a day for two days and the pharmacy carries this medication in 25 milligram capsules?

.05 grams = .05(1000) = 50 milligrams 3(50 milligrams) = 150 milligrams 150 milligrams/25 milligrams = 6 So you should order six 25 milligram capsules. This answer is

What does the capsule do?

it will kill you well the it acts like a squeazed pig just joking i do not know the answer SMART BIG HEADS

What does a capsule do?

A capsule is made of certain materials that stop the medication from dissolving in the acidic conditions of the stomach and the alkaline conditions of the small intestine. Thi

What are 500mg flucillin capsules prescribed for?

Flucillin (flucloxacillin) may be prescribed for staphylococcal skin infections (cellulitis, impetigo, otitis externa, folliculitis, boils, carbuncles, and mastitis), and also