Why should nuclear weapons be abolished?

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This would be impossible as the basic physics of the designs of fission bombs is well documented in the open literature. Any competent physics grad student could design a medium yield fission bomb that could be expected to work reliably without a test. Countries that want them only need about 4 years to construct the infrastructure to make the fissile materials to build them.
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Should the US have nuclear weapons?

Yes we should to protect AMerica from Russia causing a nuclear war in which if we didn't have nuclear bombs we would lose and a Russian flag would hang over whats left of your

Why should nuclear weapons be banned?

Hey guys who read up on this question. . Can I ask for some help with this question? . I am doing a debate in my high school class. And I am on the AFF (Affirmative side) Me

Should nuclear weapons be banned?

Considering the fact that any competent Physics Grad student using publicly available data could design a workable fission bomb (getting the materials to build it is another

Should you have nuclear weapons?

I want one, if I could get certain restricted access materials I could design and build one. I expect my first attempt to be able to get a yield in the 20 to 40 kiloton range.

Should nuclear weapons be used?

No, nuclear weapons should not be used.. As regards using nuclear weapons, from the film War Games , the computer, Joshua, said it quite succinctly. "The best strategy is no

Why should there be no nuclear weapons?

U.S. President Ronald Reagan and Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev came within a hair's breadth of agreeing to phase out their stockpiles of nuclear weapons. General Zhu Chen

Why should you keep nuclear weapons?

Nothing good come from it OK. Imagine that you are sitting in your house and there is a nuclear war going on in your country and terrorist drop a maga11 bomb on you because yo

Should the UK have nuclear weapons?

No one should have nuclear weapons! I agree they cause nothing but problems. All they do is grant people power to kill and strike fear in the world. There is nothing good that

Should the US abolish nuclear weapons?

No we shouldn't because without nuclear devices to protect the US from losing the Cold War, Russia will abliviate the US and North Korea would take advantage of this situation