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We need vaccination specially small children it helps to produce immune system in our body so that our body can fight against certain chronic diseases and infections.
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Why do you need vaccines?

We need vaccines to protect us from infectious diseases and to trigger the immune system to respond with production of antibodies made for that specific pathogen. See the rela

When scratched by a cat do you need a vaccine?

If you mean a rabies vaccine, then, no. Rabies can only be transmitted if the animal bites, and if the bite breaks the skin. So if the cat only scratched you, then you don't n

Do older horses need to be vaccinated?

They do. They need to stay on the same vaccination program as younger horses. They also need to be wormed just as often and their teeth need to be checked and 'floated' to mak

What equine vaccinations are needed in the UK?

Most horses need the basic 5-way, strangles, West Nile and in some countries rabies. The UK does not need the rabies vaccine. If your horse sustains an injury a tetnus booster

Do you need vaccines to go to Asia?

not required by law,unless you are in the military. Personally I would call the cdc(center diseasecontrol). I believe they are based in Atlanta Ga. See what there recomendatio

Do you need a vaccine if you get bit by a mouse?

The risk of infection is always present when bitten by various animals. Mice no exception. Some mice carry diseases but absolutely most diseases carried by mice are not trans

What vaccines do beef cattle need?

The most important vaccinations that beef cattle receive are:Blackleg, Malignent edima, Black's disease, Redwater,IBR (infectious bovine rhinotracheitis), PI3 (para influenza

What vaccines do bunnies need?

Being caged animals, pet rabbits do not require shots such as rabies. Vaccinations are not necessary. Always check with your vet for recommendations, however.
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Do you need vaccinations to go to Cyprus?

No- Cyprus has no diseases that have not already been eradicated in Western Europe and the USA, and the animal disease Rabies has also been eradicated there. There are a few