Why might someone be atheist?

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They lose faith or they don't see truth in the bible. An atheist probably could go and cross out beliefs in the bible with history and facts. That is what makes them a disbeliever of Christianity, therefor making them atheist. They simply do not believe in any religion.

An atheist is person who does not believe that god or gods do not exist. Many people confuse this term with a misotheist (a god hater) who believes that a god does exist and for some reason hates she/he/it. Similarly an atheist is not just a Christian-god nonbeliever but has no belief an the existence of any gods from Ahriman to Zeus.
As to why a person toes not see any reason for the belief in a deity, these are many. He:
  • might be from a family of atheists where non-belief is the seen as the natural state
  • may have been born to a family of atheist sna dafter investigation found no supporting evidence for the supernatural
  • have friends who discussed the issue and concluded as an outcome that the supernatural does not exist
  • may have studied the Bible or other "holy" books and found them riddled with errors and mistakes
  • been under-impressed with the lifestyle of believes and wanted to find a better way
  • may not have the capacity to believe in anything beyond what can be proven
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What is an atheist?

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